MTrade Plus

Note:To access this application you will need a Mubasher Brokerage account. To sign up for a brokerage account, please visit Open an Account.

MTrade Plus. One-of-a-kind trading solution providing real-time quotes, online trading, news and announcements. Keeping you in touch with the mobility of the financial market.

MTrade Plus Version 2 offers you various high-class technologies which will help you to be an effective trader in the modern trading world. The application is a unique and efficient featured trading platform which is tailored for active traders and investors.

We will make you feel special

  • Receive real time symbol alerts, research reports, advises and news giving you the upper hand in the fast-moving trading world.

Receive the Optimal viewing experience

  • Exclusive design with the best compatibility to any type of screen
  • Neat and clean navigation

Plentiful information under one panel

  • Add symbols to the watch list and trade at the same time
  • View buying power information within a click
  • Receive real-time announcements, market-moving news released by Global news sources.
  • Market depth information by price and by order, Time and Sales info, and detailed quote give you a snapshot of a symbol’s performance.
  • Keep track of the key market Indices, Commodities and Currencies

Trade as per your liking

  • Grasp the intriguing Status panel to get updated about your trading status
  • Analyze your account balance and manage your portfolios under one panel
  • Deposit, withdraw and transfer cash on the go
  • Identify the stock figures about gainers, losers and most-active stocks for most markets.

Let us take you to new level of technical analysis

  • We offer a world-class exclusive charting tools with 11 types of Moving Averages
  • Upfront graphical representation of price movements
  • Forecast price movements without a hassle
  • Monitor fast & accurate Intraday and historical chart figures.

Analyze your Portfolio on the dot

  • Asses the portfolio performance of an entire year
  • Evaluate Portfolio PE, PB & dividend yield

Simplified equity screener within your reach

  • Filter out the symbols as you prefer

Make the best out of our new intuitive search facility

  • Search any instrument in any asset class with asset class classification

A chance choose your preference

  • Choose your familiar language with English or Arabic language.
  • Let your eyes decide the theme between the light and dark


* Customer has to subscribe for advisory notification

* Black theme is available only in Web version.