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Fixed Income | Mubasher Trade

Fixed Income

Specialized & Service Privilege

  • Offering trading in bonds and sukuk across GCC, CEEMEA, LATAM, MENA, Europe, ASIA and Turkey with sovereign and corporate issuers.
  • Fast and competitive Executions.
  • Competitive pricing on arranged custody services

Primary Markets

  • Bonds & Sukuk primary Issuance by governments / government or corporates
  • Potentially higher yield of interest income throughout the tenor of the bonds.
  • Ability to create different portfolio cases for different clients’ needs.

secondary market

  • Access to secondary market for international and Regional Bonds/ Sukuks throughout the week
  • Diversify your risks and potentially increase the stability of the portfolio as bonds exhibit low correlation to other asset classes.
  • Covering over 100 institutional end clients including asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, local banks, small and intermediate financial institutions and other investment firms.
  • Trading illiquid and distress Bonds & Sukuk.

How to trade?

To apply for an Investment Account, please send us email registration@mubashertrade.com ; our Sales & Customer Support team  will assist you in the account opening process.

If you are an existing Mubasher Financial Services BSE © customer, Please call us at+97317600105

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